Business Plan and Site Master Plan

Capital Insight to help give Maitland Gaol a new future

Capital Insight has recently been appointed by Maitland City Council to prepare a Business Plan and Site Master Plan for the Maitland Gaol.

Maitland Gaol is the longest continuously operating correctional institution in NSW. The Gaol officially opened in December 1848 and is considered to be the most intact country gaol in NSW. After holding some of Australia’s most hardened criminals the Gaol closed its doors in 1998 and now hosts a diverse range of events and tours.

Capital Insight (in partnership with TZG Architects) is working to develop a Business Plan that will guide the future use and development of the site – to preserve its heritage value and deliver benefits for the local community. Outcomes will include:

  • a preferred operational model
  • options for product development, site maintenance, and capital improvement
  • a site master plan and plan of management.