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Capital Insight Partnering to Grow First Nations Leaders of Tomorrow

We are delighted to announce that CI and the Kari Foundation have formally partnered to help change Indigenous involvement in the construction industry!

We are excited about pursuing opportunities to increase Aboriginal participation in the workforce, increase Aboriginal cultural awareness, and develop opportunities for ATSI businesses to participate in project development supply chains. The agreement was established in early 2022 and we have already jointly submitted project management proposals to the Commonwealth to work together.

Who is the Kari Foundation?

Kari is the largest and most active Indigenous Social Support Service in NSW. It has operated since 1999 and has helped thousands of people. Kari aims to service first and foremost Aboriginal people and communities across Australia whilst also supporting collective and corporate Australia on the journey to a more reconciled Australia. Capital Insight course is one of Australia’s most successful PM firms, having won many national awards and planned and delivered projects across Australia.

We have partnered with Kari as we respect the Foundation’s outstanding progress in this space. In return, Kari recognises Capital Insight’s ability to add-value through providing and finding opportunities for indigenous graduates.

Our Aims

Capital Insight is keen to increase Aboriginal participation in the workforce. We know our clients want real initiatives for aboriginal participation, not just achievement of minimum Government benchmarks via the construction contractor. We believe project management can lead the way and not leave it to the ‘big contractors’ to address apprenticeships.

How we plan to help

As part our Aboriginal participation and engagement initiative, we will draw on our relationship with Kari to pursue initiatives related to:

  • Employment – educate Aboriginal high school students and community on employment opportunities and employment pathways
  • Industry – develop an industry mentoring and connection program and investigate/framework an Aboriginal construction employment program
  • Culture – cultural awareness program for CI staff (and project team colleagues)
  • Procurement – support the design and promotion of Kari’s Aboriginal Procurement Initiative.