Food and Fibre Infrastructure Business Case (Stage 1)

Funding secured for NSW Primary Industries Research Institutes

We are delighted to have been involved in a good outcome for Department of Primary Industries (DPI), with the NSW Government investing $50 million in the Food and Fibre Infrastructure Program on the back of the business case we prepared.

The investment will fund new glasshouses, exotic disease diagnostic instruments, on-farm sensors and technology across DPI research institutes. The business case evaluated over 20 research initiatives and modelled the economic impacts for industry and the community, including the management of biosecurity risks and industry efficiencies.

The success has led to our involvement in Stage 2 of the Food and Fibre Infrastructure Program.

DPI commented that “Capital Insight wrote a well-developed business case that provided a clear understanding of why the program of works was needed and the benefits to the state of funding the project.”


Source: NSW Department of Primary Industries