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CI specialist project scheduling training helping DPIE deliver projects on time

In a somewhat unusual role for us, CI is assisting DPIE by providing training in project scheduling capabilities.

Over the last year, twice a month, our team has delivered specially design training modules to DPIE staff. The training is part of DPIE’s staff onboarding to ensure staff can accurately report project program statuses using DPIE’s internal program management systems.

CI has developed customised templates and calendars and even mini-videos on Microsoft Project, providing both theoretical and practical training to DPIE staff via online meetings. The sessions have had up to 20 DPIE staff at a time, but we have also held 1 to 1 sessions where requested. Nearly 300 staff have attended training sessions to date, across different DPIE teams and departments.

The feedback has been very positive and we look forward to supporting DPIE over the next year as well.