Tertiary Education is one of the growth industries for Australia, and competition for undergraduate and post-graduate students, and researchers is high. Student populations are growing and teaching and learning modes are changing. We understand that new or expanded educational research and extra-curricular facilities need to have an edge, as well as the benefits of collocated campuses.

We are familiar with these drivers and trends, and have worked successfully with leading tertiary institutions in project planning, feasibility, business cases, industry partnerships, project management and equipment procurement.

  • roundhouse_public_domainRoundhouse Public Domain
    Roundhouse Public Domain

    Project Manager for the $10 million UNSW Roundhouse Public Domain, delivered over a number of stages, including connections to Anzac Parade, to interface with the new light rail stop and broader campus, new green spaces for students, a new in-ground rain water retention tank and infrastructure services.

  • roundhouse_redevelopmentRoundhouse Redevelopment
    Roundhouse Redevelopment

    Project Manager for the $32 million redevelopment of the UNSW Roundhouse including new HVAC, a commercial kitchen and bar, staging/performance systems, new energy efficient exterior lighting, staff and student accommodaiton and a full interior refit within the original building envelope.

  • Bioscience_stage_2_tileBiological Sciences Building – Stage 2
    Biological Sciences Building – Stage 2

    Project Manager for the refurbishment of University of NSW's eight level building accommodating biological science teaching spaces, teaching and research laboratories, support spaces and staff and student accommodation.

  • WSU_MedWestern Sydney University Medical Feasibility Study
    Western Sydney University Medical Feasibility Study

    Capital Insight led a market sounding exercise to identify potential partner interest for a GP service to support the growing Macarthur population

  • uow_mlsbMolecular and Life Sciences Building
    Molecular and Life Sciences Building

    Project manager from concept design to operational commissioning to deliver the University of Wollongong's cutting-edge transformational molecular research facility including a Cryo TEM Suite and other specialist equipment.

  • fs_law_refurb_3Forgan Smith School of Law Refurbishment
    Forgan Smith School of Law Refurbishment

    Principal’s Representative and project advisors for the $26 million, three level refurbishment of the Forgan Smith building, known as the TC Beirne School of Law, including the Walter Harrison Law Library, moot court, seminar and meeting rooms, academic offices and three storey atrium.

  • UoW_InnovationInnovation Campus Wellbeing Partnership
    Innovation Campus Wellbeing Partnership

    Preliminary Business Case for a world class primary and ambulatory healthcare service, and PPP scoping and transaction management.

  • MQ_ArtsMacquarie University Arts Precinct
    Macquarie University Arts Precinct

    Project Manager for the project feasibility, design, construction and relocation phases of Macquarie University’s $132m Arts Precinct, including a new showcase building housing world-class museums, teaching and office spaces, and the adaptive re-use of two existing buildings.

  • seb_1Science and Engineering Building
    Science and Engineering Building

    Project Manager for the delivery of the University of NSW's $210 million Science and Engineering Building, including flexible research, teaching, and sensitive instrument laboratories, teaching spaces, and a new theatrical teaching and performance space for the faculty of Arts and Sciences.

  • 82 E7A buildingE7A Building Refurbishment and Atrium
    E7A Building Refurbishment and Atrium

    Project manager for the seven level refurbishment of Macquarie University’s foundation E7A building, known as the Mitchell building, including staff accommodation, conference rooms and three storey glass atrium to integrate E7A with the adjacent E7B.

  • monash_logoFacility Audit and Accommodation Strategy
    Facility Audit and Accommodation Strategy

    Facility audit of Monash University’s Caulfield Campus to determine current usage and occupancy, identify opportunities for more intense office accommodation, and develop and examine scenarios leading to a medium-term accommodation strategy to meet 2020 demand.

  • mseb profileHilmer Building
    Hilmer Building

    Project Manager for the delivery of University of NSW's materials research and teaching laboratories, workshops and workspace, delivered under a DFNC contract to an accelerated program.

  • tyree profileTyree Energy Technologies Building
    Tyree Energy Technologies Building

    Project Manager for University of NSW’s flagship facility for research, learning and teaching in energy technologies. The $125 million building is six star Green Star Certification.

  • mac_uniMinor Works Project Manager
    Minor Works Project Manager

    Project Manager assisting Macquarie University Property with a number of minor works and asset renewal projects.

  • Bioscience_stage_1_tileBiological Sciences Building – Stage 1
    Biological Sciences Building – Stage 1

    Project Manager for University of NSW's new nine level building accommodating biological science teaching spaces, teaching and research laboratories, support spaces and staff and student accommodation.

  • UNSW logoBuilding Contractor Register Scheme
    Building Contractor Register Scheme

    Developed a Building Contractor Register Scheme for capital works valued between $100,000 and $10 million for the NSW Facilities Management group. The scheme prequalifies building contractors, who may then be invited to tender on works associated with building & construction projects.

  • 2Oral Health Centre
    Oral Health Centre

    Engaged mid-project to assess significant contract challenges for the University of Queensland's advanced tertiary oral health facility over 7 levels and including simulation areas, pre-clinical laboratories, lecture rooms and research laboratories.

  • 4Camperdown and Darlington Public Domain
    Camperdown and Darlington Public Domain

    Integrated program across University of Sydney campuses to remove vehicular traffic, improve open space and pedestrian access including a new footbridge across City Road.

  • 1School of Information Technologies
    School of Information Technologies

    Five level complex for University of Sydney comprising specialised teaching and research laboratories to house postgraduate programs and key research centres, and energy efficiency rating of 4.5 ABGR reducing consumption by 20-30%.

  • 1Jane Foss Russell Building
    Jane Foss Russell Building

    New centralised student services building for University of Sydney comprising a combined science and technology and library and an outdoor plaza located in the centre of the university campus as well as the provision of new retail and food outlets.

  • 5Faculty of Law
    Faculty of Law

    Academic and administrative staff accommodation for University of Sydney including the development included a Moot Court facility, law library, auditoriums, lecture theatres, teaching spaces, cafes and a public forecourt.

  • uni of newcastleAnimal Behavioural Laboratory
    Animal Behavioural Laboratory

    Project Management of a best-practice facility for research, teaching and learning related to animal behaviour, including a Health Workshop, Research Consumables Stores and Animal Behavioural Laboratory.

  • 1College of Fine Arts
    College of Fine Arts

    Project Director and Project Manager for the redevelopment of an operating campus at University of NSW to provide new and expanded teaching, learning, gallery and studio spaces for art and design education.

  • UQ logoGP Super Clinics
    GP Super Clinics

    Project Manager of fast track design and project start-up for the refurbishment of two heritage-listed buildings, the construction of two new buildings, and the fitout of a recently completed building at University of Queensland.

  • 27 UQ_InnovationInnovation and Technology Building
    Innovation and Technology Building

    Project Manager of design reviews and optimisation to meet capital and recurrent cost targets and project management of the new University of Queensland Technology and Innovation Building.

  • USYD logoSchool of Geosciences
    School of Geosciences

    Refurbishment and upgrade of University of Sydney research and laboratory facilities in the heritage listed Madsen Building.

  • 2Australian Classics Centre
    Australian Classics Centre

    Refurbishment of the University of Sydney's Department of Archaeology central library including a research centre for collaboration.

  • 2United States Study Centre
    United States Study Centre

    Staged refurbishment of University of Sydney office areas and meeting/teaching spaces, including high-technology AV and communications systems.

  • WSU logoDevelopment Review and Feasibility Analysis
    Development Review and Feasibility Analysis

    Developed a technical review and development costs, broad market based assessment and a feasibility analysis for the South Werrington Urban Village Development. Capital Insight later was engaged to developed a strategic review into development model options for UWS.